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Prepare your child for the jobs of the future by developing their 21st century skillset! Children in this public speaking programme will learn important aspects of character development such as leadership and entrepreneurship, using our Speech Linguistic Patterns™ and Neuro Somatics™ teaching methodologies.

Suitable for 3 to 16 years old
Professional Grading

The Trinity College London certificates, available in eight grades, are internally recognised and make an excellent addition to your child’s Direct School Admission (DSA) portfolio!

Sensory Integration

Children with Special Needs will be encouraged to use tactile sensory stimulation tools to improve tactile defensiveness or reduce sensory-seeking behaviour. Tactile sensory activities are also incorporated to improve sensory integration in this Special Needs-Focused Programme.

Social Interaction and Communication Skills

Facilitated Social Interaction in our Special Needs-Focused Programme is a segment in which trainers identify students who can potentially interact with a friend who has similar engagement levels. Trainers and facilitators facilitate interaction among identified pairs using interactive tools. Students will then be encouraged to practise aspects of general communication such as eye contact, turn-taking, and the use of appropriate situational phrases.

Social Emotional Learning and Regulation

The social interaction development segment of our Special Needs-Focused Programme allows students to learn important techniques that help them recognise and identify their emotions. They will then learn how to regulate the emotions they have identified.

Fine and Gross Motor Skills

In this segment of our Special Needs-Focused Programme, students will be engaged in activities, with the use of appropriate tools, that improve and involve movement and coordination of the arms, legs, and other large body parts. These may include writing skills.

Classroom Presentation

Students will develop fundamental public speaking skills so that they may effectively present to their class or school. Other communication skills such as oral examination preparation, debating skills and team-based project work discussions will be covered.

Interpersonal Skills

 Students will improve their social skills through meaningful activities, during which they will learn to form meaningful friendships with peers.

Speech Crafting

Students will learn how to write effective speeches using creative writing techniques such as proper structure and flow, suspense elements, logical reasoning, metaphors, humour and statistics.

Confidence Development

Develop your child’s confidence and self-esteem by employing the Neuro Somatics™ teaching methodology, a technique for strengthening the mind to face and overcome fears.

Confidence Development

Students’ confidence and self-esteem will be given a boost through the Neuro Somatics™ teaching methodology, a technique that strengthens the mind to face and overcome fears.

MOE Direct School Admission (DSA) Portfolio

 Including these Trinity certificates in your child’s DSA portfolio helps represent his or her holistic development, both academic and non-academic –  a criterion considered by DSA interviewers.

Future Career Development

Working towards these examinations develops a variety of 21st century skills that are highly sought after by employers, such as the ability to learn and adapt, working towards deadlines under pressure, and critical and problem-solving skills.

DSA Interview Skills

Prepare your child to master over 80 distinct DSA questions and answer them skillfully and authentically. Your child will also be prepared to answer frequently asked questions spontaneously!

Spontaneous Speech

Your child will learn how to make an impression during their DSA interview by giving an excellent spontaneous speech in situations he or she has never encountered before, as well as how to respond to questions in a rational, emotional and personal manner.

Personal Branding

Set your child apart from his or her peers during their DSA interview by establishing a strong first impression through personal branding and etiquette coaching!

DSA Portfolio Creation

Custom create an impressionable and personalised DSA portfolio of certifications and accomplishments!

Teamwork Development

In this Holiday Camp programme, your child will develop an enhanced ability to work in a team through our educational games, which include teamwork, coordination, discussion and team brainstorming activities.

Public Speaking and Presentation Skills

Your child will be immersed in the worlds of remarkable leaders such as Lee Kwan Yew and Steve Jobs in this Holiday Camp programme. He or she will learn about the public speaking techniques used by these leaders to create engaging and meaningful speeches!

Leadership Skills

Your child will develop leadership skills as he or she experiences leading a team in the specially curated outdoor activities for our Holiday Camp Programme!

Interpersonal Skills

Your child’s social skills will be improved through our Holiday Camp’s team bonding activities, during which he or she will learn to form meaningful friendships with peers.

Subject Mastery

Through the Protégé Effect Pedagogy, your child will convert memorised short-term knowledge into long-term memory by teaching what he or she has learnt to other classmates.

Effective Repetition

Your child will learn how to revise for examinations and answer examination questions under pressure using scientific repetition cycles to achieve peak memory retention and muscle memory.

Discussion-Based Learning

A three-way discussion-based learning pedagogy practised between teacher, student and classmates will generate your child’s interest in learning and develop his or her ability to apply knowledge gained in real-world circumstances.

Champion’s Mindset

Your child will develop a positive attitude towards learning when he or she is exposed to both active and rote learning approaches. This will encourage your child to study with the aim of learning for personal growth rather than merely preparing for tests.

Pronunciation Clarity

Your child will be taught small groups of letter sounds, which will allow him or her to begin blending when reading and segmenting letter sounds in words when spelling. This method involves synthesising or blending phonemes to make a word, enabling your child to start off on the right foot. 

Tonality Training

Learning the art of reading with varying pitch, loudness and speed will turn your child’s voice into a melodious tune that draws audiences’ attention when he or she speaks.

Phonetic Skills

Our multi-sensory synthetic phonics programme focuses on coding and decoding words, allowing your child to learn spelling at the same time!


Your child will gain confidence to speak in front of large groups with our public speaking methodology. He or she will not only learn to read together with the rest of the class, but will also receive training to recite to the entire class on stage!

Confidence Development

Develop your child’s confidence and self-esteem by employing the Neuro Somatics™ teaching methodology, a technique for strengthening the mind to face and overcome fears.

Linguistic Development

Hone your child’s ability to communicate with flair and eloquence, through the effective use of body language, emotions, sentence structure and tonality.

Speech Crafting

 Your child will learn to craft impactful speeches with proper sentence structure and flow. His or her vocabulary will be strengthened by the use of metaphors, word combinations, and descriptive and narrative writing strategies.

Leadership Skills

Help your child achieve his or her leadership potential through understanding the influence of various leadership styles, identifying self-limiting thoughts and developing resilience.

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