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Speech Academy Asia Terms & Conditions 

Privacy Policy 

This Privacy Policy relates to personal information collected and the circumstances under which it may be used or disclosed  by Speech Academy Asia or its affiliates (collectively referred to as “SAA”). 

All references in this Policy to “SAA”, “we”, “our” and “us” refer to SAA. All references in this Policy to “client”, “you”  and “your” refer to the individual(s) who accepted or proposes to accept products or services by SAA. 

SAA is committed to respect your privacy and we aim to maintain a high level of trust with all clients and prospective clients  by adhering to the principles of applicable data protection and privacy laws in each country of operation. 

Types of Information Collected and Used 

SAA collects personal information so that we can provide an experience that is responsive and customized to your needs.  Examples of personal information we collect include: 

  1. Personal data about you and your family members, which may include names, identification particulars, contact  details, preferences, health information, family background, educational information, demographic data, payment  details and transaction history; 
  2. Information and date generated in the course of any continual relationship with SAA, for example, instructions  given by you to arrange class enrolments, transfers, replacements, withdrawals, and other information and records  you choose to provide by various modes of communication including mail, telephone, SMS, fax, email, internet  and market research; 
  3. Information from cookies, other technologies deployed for the analysis of website usage or other information  technology applications used by SAA. 

Purposes for which Information is Collected, Used and Disclosed 

SAA collects personal information from you, your family members, your authorized representatives, publicly available  sources, our website, mobile services, and other channels including emails, phone conversations and face-to-face interactions  with our employees, officers and directors. 

The purposes (collectively referred to as “Allowed Purposes”) for which SAA collects, uses and discloses personal  information include: 

  1. To provide, operate and administer SAA products and services, or to process applications for SAA products and  services, business or financial transactions, and to maintain service quality levels and train staff; b. To provide product-related services and support, including the provision of administrative support, technical  assistance and customer alerts; 
  2. To facilitate operational processes including but not limited to student profile assessments, class and student  management, payment administration and statistical analysis; 
  3. To maintain accurate client information and enable customized experiences that meet your preferences and needs; e. To manage SAA’s relationship with you, which may include providing information on SAA’s products and  services, where specifically consented to or where permissible under applicable laws and regulations; f. For  marketing and communication;
  4. To facilitate product development and service refinements via customer feedback, data analysis and market  research; 
  5. To perform internal management, to operate management information system, to carry out and enable internal and  external audits; 
  6. To monitor and record calls and electronic communications with clients for record-keeping, quality control,  training and case investigations; 
  7. To enforce or defend the rights of SAA, its employees, officers and directors; 
  8. For safety, legal and regulatory compliance; and 
  9. Purposes relating directly thereto. 

SAA may disclose personal information for any of the Allowed Purposes to: 

  1. Professional advisors, third party service providers, agents or contractors engaged to support SAA’s business  operations under a duty of confidentiality; 
  2. Any person or entity which is part of SAA although only to the extent necessary to fulfill the Allowed Purposes; c. Any person to whom disclosure is required under applicable laws or regulations; 
  3. Any court, tribunal, regulator, or other authority to whom disclosure is necessary under applicable laws or  regulations. 


You acknowledge that the use or continued use of SAA’s services shall be deemed as your agreement and consent to be  bound by our Privacy Policy. You may submit a request to withdraw your consent at any time by contacting us via email or  whatsapp admin number and inform us one month in advanced. 

Updates to the Privacy Policy 

SAA reserves the right to amend and vary the terms of this Privacy Policy at any time and will provide the updated Policy  on our website. The use or continued use of any of SAA’s services shall be deemed as your agreement and consent to be  bound by our Privacy Policy. 

Terms and Conditions 

  1. All references in this document to “Client”, “you”, or “your” refer to the individual(s) who have accepted or proposes  to accept products or services by Speech Academy Asia or its affiliates (collectively referred to as “SAA”). 2. Classes organized on a termly basis and fees for each new term are payable by the due date. An invoice will be sent out  before the start of each term. Fees will not be refunded if the student decides to withdraw from SAA before the end of  a term. 
  2. Should you join mid-way during a term, fees are payable till the end of the next term, inclusive of the current term you  are joining. 
  3. The public holidays listed in the school calendar will state whether classes are open or closed. The payment you have  paid will have either included for the public holiday if classes are ongoing, or omitted if the public holiday is a center  holiday. 
  4. The registration fee is non-refundable. 
  5. A deposit is payable per subject upon registration and refundable when the student leaves SAA, provided that the  following 4 conditions are fulfilled: 

(i) A month’s notice of withdrawal is given before the term ends 90611715 (Whatsapp) (ii) The withdrawal form is filled in 30 days before term ends 

(iii) All borrowed items are returned before the last lesson 

  1. Fees for unattended lessons or for public holidays are not refundable. If a student is absent or if his/her lesson falls on  a public holiday, the student may attend make up lessons during the same week by requesting permission to join another  existing class. If student is unable to join the lesson on the same week, the make up lesson can be used up during the  holiday camps where your child can request to join as the make up lesson hours fulfillment. 
  2. SAA reserves the rights to refuse a student’s entry to a class if late payment has not been paid. 9. SAA reserves the rights to change trainer without prior notice. 
  3. A late-payment surcharge of $10 per week will be imposed on the customer.
  4. Consent is hereby given for SAA to collect (including by way of recorded voice calls), use and disclose the Client’s  personal data for purposes reasonably required by SAA in order to provide the products or services to the Client. Such  purposes are set out in the attached Privacy Policy, which the Client has read and understood. 
  5. SAA reserves the right to use student’s name, written work, academic results, voice, likeness, photographs and  audio/visual recordings in which the student may appear in newspapers, brochures, videos or other promotional  materials without further notice or compensation. SAA is hereby granted a license to and SAA may, at its discretion,  display, publish, transmit, edit or alter these materials for such purposes. 
  6. In consideration of SAA providing its services to students at its premises, you hereby agree to undertake all the risk and  liability arising from your child’s use of the premises and neither SAA nor its employees, agents and representatives  shall be liable for any loss, damages, expenses, personal injury or death of any person which may arises as a result of  you/your child’s use of the premises whether direct or indirect and whether reasonably foreseeable or not, unless such  personal injury or death is directly caused by the negligence of SAA. 
  7. You/your child undertakes not to make copies or allow copies to be made of materials and/or documents used during  lessons. Any reproduction or disclosure of such materials and/or documents requires the prior written consent of SAA. 15. Only students are allowed to be inside the classrooms. Parents and guardians are advised to wait outside until class is  over. The company reserves the right to ask anyone to leave the center should they be causing distress to others. 

We reserve the right to make any amendments to the above Terms and Conditions without prior notice and will not be held  liable for any damages that may occur from these amendments. 

I acknowledge that I have read, understood and accept the “Terms and Conditions” and agree to the points referenced herein  when I enroll my child to the classes offered by SAA.

School Calendar 

The public holidays highlighted in boxes will be considered our center closure days. The remaining ones will be  considered a normal school day and classes will continue as normal.

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