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Best Oral Class – How to Ace your PSLE Examinations

In Singapore, the Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) is more than just a test; it’s a pivotal step in a student’s educational journey. Among its varied components, the oral exams are particularly daunting, testing not just knowledge, but the ability to communicate it effectively. In this realm, Speech Academy Asia stands out as a vanguard, dedicated to arming students with the skills to excel in these exams and in life.

Speech Academy Asia, with its innovative approach and proven success, has become a cornerstone in preparing students for the PSLE oral exams. Known for its comprehensive and tailored programs, the academy focuses on critical skill development, unique teaching methodologies, and real-world application.

The Core Components of Speech Academy Asia’s Program

1. Critical Skills Development

The academy places a strong emphasis on three key areas: articulating thoughts clearly, presenting arguments convincingly, and engaging in meaningful conversations. Clear articulation enables students to express their ideas in a coherent and concise manner, crucial for both exams and everyday communication. Convincing argumentation goes beyond stating facts; it involves persuasive and logical reasoning, particularly vital for the stimulus-based conversation component of the PSLE oral exams. Engaging effectively in conversations requires active listening and thoughtful responses, demonstrating comprehension and consideration.

2. Unique Teaching Techniques: Neuro Somatics™

Speech Academy Asia introduces students to Neuro Somatics™, a groundbreaking method that harnesses the mind-body connection. This technique teaches students to use body language and breathing exercises to build confidence and enhance presentation skills. Understanding how thoughts and feelings affect physical presence and vice versa is key. Students learn to employ body language as a tool, using gestures, posture, and facial expressions to augment their verbal communication.

3. Language Memory Programming Semantics™ (LMPS)

LMPS is a technique that leverages visualization and memory aids for effective speech delivery. Through creating mental images related to speech content, students find it easier to recall and deliver their speeches. Additionally, memory aids like acronyms and mnemonics help in retaining information. This method not only aids in memory but also makes presentations more dynamic and engaging.

4. Speech Linguistic Patterns™

The academy also teaches students to use metaphors, analogies, and repetition, turning their speeches into compelling narratives. These linguistic tools simplify complex ideas and emphasize key points, making the content more relatable and memorable for the audience.

A Comprehensive Approach to Learning

Speech Academy Asia’s approach is holistic, preparing students not just for the PSLE oral exams but equipping them with communication skills for life. From mastering the art of speaking to understanding the nuances of effective communication, the academy transforms shy individuals into confident orators.

Success Stories and Testimonials

The program’s effectiveness is reflected in the numerous success stories and positive feedback from students and parents alike. Many attest to the significant improvement in confidence, clarity of speech, and overall communication skills.


In conclusion, Speech Academy Asia offers more than just a preparation course for the PSLE oral exams. It provides a foundation in effective communication, critical thinking, and confidence – skills that serve well beyond the classroom. As students continue on their educational and personal paths, the abilities honed at Speech Academy Asia will remain invaluable assets, shaping them into articulate, confident, and thoughtful individuals.

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    Suitable for 3 to 16 years old
    Spontaneous Speech

    Your child will learn how to make an impression during their DSA interview by giving an excellent spontaneous speech in situations he or she has never encountered before, as well as how to respond to questions in a rational, emotional and personal manner.

    Pronunciation Clarity

    Your child will be taught small groups of letter sounds, which will allow him or her to begin blending when reading and segmenting letter sounds in words when spelling. This method involves synthesising or blending phonemes to make a word, enabling your child to start off on the right foot. 

    Tonality Training

    Learning the art of reading with varying pitch, loudness and speed will turn your child’s voice into a melodious tune that draws audiences’ attention when he or she speaks.

    Phonetic Skills

    Our multi-sensory synthetic phonics programme focuses on coding and decoding words, allowing your child to learn spelling at the same time!

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