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Top Public Speaking Courses in Chinese (华文) for Kids and Teens: Cultivating Confidence and Leadership

Our Mission

At Speech Academy Asia, our mission is to cultivate each student’s potential, helping them master world-leading communication skills, fully develop their linguistic talents, and pave the way for a happy and successful future.



Core Values

Communication Skills

We focus on enhancing students’ communication abilities, enabling them to excel in interpersonal interactions and stand out on the international stage.


We aim to build students’ confidence, transforming them into exceptional speakers who can effortlessly captivate and impress audiences.


We attentively address each student’s unique needs, motivating them to continuously surpass their limits and unleash their potential.


We pledge to fully support each student’s learning and growth, helping them achieve their life goals.




Course Content

Our public speaking course is designed for children aged 4 -16, focusing on improving their communication skills and confidence. The course content includes:

Speaking Skills

Practical training to enhance children’s expression and public speaking abilities.

Confidence Building

Diverse activities and exercises to help children build confidence and face audiences courageously.

Emotional Management

Teaching children how to effectively manage their emotions under stress and pressure, maintaining calm and confidence to tackle various challenges.

Body Language

Guiding children on how to use effective body language to enhance the impact of their speeches.

Interactive Training

Developing children’s ability to interact with audiences through a series of interactive activities, making speeches more engaging.


我们的公共演讲课程专为 4 -16 岁的孩子设计,致力于提升他们的沟通能力和自信心。课程内容包括:


Why Choose Speech Academy Asia

Professional Teaching Team

Our instructors are experienced speech experts who provide high-quality teaching and guidance.

Unique B.E.S.T Teaching Method

We use a unique B.E.S.T teaching method to comprehensively improve students’ speaking skills.

Personalized Learning Plans

We offer customized learning plans based on each child’s needs and progress, ensuring the best learning experience for every student.

Rich Practical Opportunities

Monthly live presentations and outdoor speech training allow students to build confidence and improve their speaking skills in real scenarios.

Comprehensive Development

Besides speaking skills, we also focus on developing students’ emotional management, stress coping, and interpersonal abilities.




The Power of Speaking

Enhancing Confidence

Through speech practice, children gradually overcome nervousness and shyness, building strong self-confidence.

Improving Expression

Learning to express thoughts clearly and logically enhances language skills.

Cultivating Leadership

During speeches, children learn to influence and motivate others, strengthening leadership abilities and becoming future leaders.

Broadening Horizons

Through speech, children encounter diverse viewpoints and ideas, broadening their horizons and enhancing understanding.




The Power of Cross-Language and Cross-Cultural Communication

In an era where communication transcends borders, effectively expressing oneself in multiple languages has become a crucial skill. Public speaking is not just about conveying words; it is an essential part of holistic child development. Speech Academy Asia’s unique speaking courses pave the way for children to master this art, especially in one of the world’s most widely spoken languages—Chinese (Mandarin). Our proprietary Speech Linguistic Patterns™ (SLP) method provides strong support, enabling children to thrive on the international stage.

Global Influence of Chinese

In today’s globalized world, learning Chinese (Mandarin) is increasingly important. As China plays a significant role internationally, Mandarin has become a key language for global communication. Proficiency in Chinese enables children to overcome language barriers and contribute positively to international dialogue, promoting global connections and cooperation.

Cultural Bridge

Learning to speak publicly in Chinese immerses children in a rich culture with thousands of years of history. They gain insights into worldviews, values, and philosophies embedded in the language, enhancing cultural awareness and empathy. This cultural bridge fosters mutual understanding, respect, and peace in a diverse global society.

Enhancing Confidence and Leadership Skills

Public speaking in any language boosts children’s confidence. Speaking in a non-native language like Chinese further pushes them to surpass themselves and enhances problem-solving abilities. Leading discussions and presenting ideas coherently help develop their leadership skills, preparing them for future roles on the global stage.

Cognitive Benefits

Multilingual public speaking significantly promotes cognitive development. Children engaged in Chinese public speaking not only become proficient in the language but also improve cognitive skills. Studies show that bilingual or multilingual individuals perform better in memory, attention, and problem-solving. Learning to express thoughts in Chinese provides a complex cognitive workout, enhancing mental agility.

Integrating SLP into Public Speaking

Speech Academy Asia’s SLP method, rooted in neuro-linguistic programming, enriches the learning process. It involves using metaphors and analogies to simplify complex concepts, reinforcing key information through repetition, and employing rhetorical devices to enhance persuasion. SLP also emphasizes understanding and adapting to the audience’s needs and perspectives, ensuring deep and meaningful communication.

Career Opportunities

Mastering Chinese public speaking opens career opportunities in adulthood. With industries increasingly integrating at the international level, individuals proficient in Mandarin and effective communication skills stand out in the global job market, accessing fields such as international relations, trade, and technology.

Social Skills and Emotional Intelligence

Public speaking enables children to articulate thoughts and emotions clearly and persuasively. Speaking in a language rich in emotional and social nuances, like Chinese, allows children to deeply understand interpersonal interactions and emotional intelligence. This helps them build strong social connections and equips them with the ability to navigate various social scenarios flexibly.

















Our Teaching Methods

We use the unique B.E.S.T teaching method to comprehensively enhance students’ speaking abilities:

Body Language

Training students to naturally convey information through body language, enhancing the vividness of expression.

Eye Contact

Teaching students how to establish a connection with the audience through appropriate eye contact, increasing the persuasiveness and approachability of their speeches.

Sentence Structure

Guiding students to use clear and concise sentence structures for effective information delivery, avoiding verbosity and ambiguity.


Helping students master tonal variations to make speeches more engaging and capture the audience’s attention.



肢体语言(Body Language):通过肢体语言训练,帮助学生掌握如何用身体自然地传达信息,增强表达的生动性。
眼神交流(Eye Contact):教导学生在演讲中如何通过适当的眼神交流与观众建立联系,提升演讲的说服力和亲和力。
句子结构(Sentence Structure):指导学生使用简洁明了的句子结构,使信息传达更加清晰有力,避免冗长和模糊。

Course Outcomes

Through our public speaking courses, students will achieve:

Comprehensive improvement in communication skills and significant boost in confidence.

Practical methods for emotional management and stress coping, facing challenges more calmly

Proficient use of speaking skills and body language, making expressions more captivating

Ability to interact with the audience, creating a better communication atmosphere



* 沟通技巧的全面提升,显著增强自信心
* 情绪管理和压力应对的实用方法,面对挑战更从容
* 演讲技巧和肢体语言的熟练运用,使表达更具魅力
* 与观众互动的能力,建立更好的交流氛围

Join us and let your child master world-leading communication skills, becoming a confident and outstanding speaker, ready to embrace an infinite future.


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