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Best Public Speaking Course for Adults

Faced with nerves during crucial business presentations, or difficulties in leading and motivating a newly assigned team? Perhaps you’re seeking to enhance your communication and networking confidence? Welcome to the Top Public Speaking Course for Adults!

We understand the modern-day hurdles in public speaking and communication that professionals encounter. That’s why Speech Academy Asia has developed Singapore’s leading public speaking course for adults, tailored to the contemporary corporate training and workplace demands.

Introducing Speech Academy Public Speaking Programme!
Our adept Training Team has crafted a program focused on mastering public speaking, a critical skill in navigating today’s dynamic professional landscape. At Speech Academy Asia, we’re dedicated to fostering not only effective communicators but leaders who can inspire and drive change with their words, ensuring you’re well-equipped for career advancement and beyond. Our offerings address the communication skill gap often overlooked in traditional education, nurturing well-rounded individuals ready to excel in diverse life and work arenas.

  • Course acts as a beacon for professionals aiming to refine public speaking skills.
  • Structured platform to address communication fears, enhance presentation abilities.
  • Core methodology: Neuro Somatics™, emphasizing mind-body synergy.
  • Empowerment through body language, breathing techniques to manage anxiety, boost presentation confidence.
  • Language Memory Programming Semantics™: aids effortless speech memorization.
  • Speech Linguistic Patterns™: enriches language use for compelling meaning conveyance.

This captivating and comprehensive public speaking training programme is designed to assist you with:

Overcoming Public Speaking Anxiety:
Acquire techniques to manage and alleviate fears associated with public speaking, enabling you to present with confidence and poise.

Effective Communication:
Learn to articulate your ideas clearly and engagingly, fostering better interactions and understanding with your audience.

Leadership and Influence:
Hone skills that allow you to motivate and lead teams successfully, as well as communicate vision and values compellingly.

Career Advancement:
Elevate your professional standing with enhanced communication and leadership skills, opening doors to new opportunities and career paths.

Who Should Join?
Individuals looking to enhance their presentation skills, lead teams more effectively, or excel in client interactions.
Those aspiring to advance in their careers by developing superior communication capabilities.

Leaders and Managers:
Leaders aiming to refine their ability to communicate vision, motivate teams, and handle high-stakes conversations.
Managers keen on improving their team engagement and interpersonal communication skills.

Entrepreneurs and Business Owners:
Entrepreneurs needing to pitch ideas convincingly to potential investors, customers, or partners.
Business owners desiring to communicate more effectively with stakeholders.

Public Figures and Speakers:
Individuals tasked with speaking engagements who wish to refine their public speaking and audience engagement techniques.
Those looking to build confidence in delivering speeches or presentations in various settings.

Job Seekers:
Individuals looking to make a strong impression in interviews by communicating their capabilities and vision effectively.

Anyone Seeking Personal Growth:
Individuals aiming for personal development in the realm of communication, self-expression, and confidence in public settings.

What can you expect?
You can expect a thorough journey toward becoming a proficient speaker.

Overview of Top Public Speaking Course

Our Core Modules

Segments Details
Speech Limiters Test & Review The Speech Limiters Assessment is a company diagnostic tool to assess your communication strengths. Trainer will go through your strengths and weaknesses together with you.
Neuro Somatics (Physiology) Empower oneself and overcome nervousness through learning physical activity practices that develop greater emotional strength when stressed. Diaphragm Breathing Techniques that lower stress & cortisol.
– Power poses that induce a confidence surge through testosterone.
Laughter Therapy to increase oxytocin and endorphin.
Neuro Somatics (Mind) Empower the mind and overcome nervousness through mental exercises that strengthens self-esteem and identify. – Mental visualisation of personal strengths and potential. Inner negotiations to accept flaws and love oneself. Elimination of negative thoughts and beliefs.
DISC Personality of Audience Every audience responds differently to speeches and have their own intentions because of their personalities. To convince all different types of personality types would require understanding how personalities prefer to be communicated to.
D: Dominating – These personality types require fast paced pitch and not waste a single second on unproductive talk. They prioritise resultsoriented presentations that helps them achieve their bottom line.
DISC Personality of Audience
I: Influencers – These personality types prefer to discuss and talk during the presentation. They are honest and speak their mind. It is important to engage High I people because their listening attention spans are often affected by the desire to speak.
S: Supporters – The supporters do things for the benefit of others. They value community and togetherness. Safety, love, and security are their primary needs. Convince them you are here to help others through altruistic reasons, and they will support you all the way.
C: Conscientiousness The conscientiousness is focussed on rules, SOPs, details, and numbers. To convince them, the communicator must speak in their language. A sloppy and unprepared presentation with no supporting facts and data will throw the calculators off
B.E.S.T Speech
Linguistic Patterns Fundamentals
Appear confident with the B.E.S.T Speech fundaments. This will be covered to provide participants with the awareness and techniques to improve their presentation skills and best capture the audience’s attention.
B for Body Language – Participants will strengthen their overall body language fundamentals such as eye contact, facial expressions, posture, hand gestures, and feet.
B.E.S.T Speech
Linguistic Patterns Fundamentals
E for Emotions – Participants can become more effective at gaining the trust of their audience by revealing the right emotions at the correct moment.
S for Sentence Structure – Participants will learn how to incorporate the speech sentence structure framework with the other fundamentals to create a complete speech.
T for Tonality – Participants will master techniques to warm and stretch their vocal cords and diaphragm to project their voice with pitch, loudness, clarity, and rhythm.
I.P.A.D Speech Framework for
Presentation Flow
Participants will learn the I.P.A.D Speech methodology, so that they can form their thought processes efficiently. The framework stands for: I: Intrigue the audience to capture attention.
– P: Problems to emphasize the serious issues. – A: Address the problems in different perspectives. – D: Delight the audience with unexpected surprises, plot twists, or punchlines.
Elements of a Great Speech Trainers will analyse with participants on examples of great speeches and study the techniques each of the speakers adopt and use for themselves. Trainers will also demonstrate how the B.E.S.T and I.P.A.D were used in their speeches.
– Participants will then commence crafting and formulating their own speech throughout duration of course.
Appreciation Speech Participants will learn how to craft a formal appreciation speech. – Participants will put together appreciation message that they may use in the future for their workplace, friends, or even family. – Participants will deliver message in real time.
Social Context – Participants will learn how to appreciate themselves and others more in social contexts such as during work time or leisure time
Final Speech Delivery – Participants will deliver their final speech in front of class (recorded).
– Trainer will evaluate participants individually with recording and review with them on how they fared and how they can improve.
Graduation! Participants graduate with a certificate and picture of them receiving the certificate!

Corporate Training Solutions
In addition to individual programs, Speech Academy Asia offers comprehensive corporate training solutions tailored to the needs of organizations. In today’s competitive business landscape, effective communication is crucial for success. Speech Academy Asia’s corporate training equips teams with the skills to deliver impactful presentations, engage clients, and inspire colleagues. Whether it’s improving sales pitches, honing leadership communication, or enhancing team dynamics, Speech Academy Asia’s corporate training delivers tangible results and empowers organizations to thrive.

Exceptional Reputation
When you choose Speech Academy Asia, you’re selecting the best in the industry. Speech Academy Asia has earned recognition as the leading institution for communication and public speaking training, not just for children but also for adults. Their commitment to excellence, exceptional quality of programs, and proven results have established them as the trusted name in enhancing communication skills.

Unlocking your communication potential and becoming a confident speaker is within your reach, thanks to Speech Academy Asia.

With their comprehensive methodology, holistic approach, innovative techniques, emphasis on language and influence, and distinguished reputation as a leading academy, Speech Academy Asia stands as the unparalleled choice for individuals seeking to enhance their communication skills.

Embrace this opportunity to transform into a confident and captivating speaker.

Enroll in a Speech Academy Asia public speaking course today, and prepare to conquer the world with your words! And for organizations looking to empower their teams with exceptional communication skills, Speech Academy Asia’s corporate training solutions offer the ideal path to success.


The program employs a core methodology called Neuro Somatics™, which emphasizes mind-body synergy, aiding participants in managing anxiety and boosting presentation confidence through body language and breathing techniques

The program aims at enhancing communication and leadership skills, which are essential for career advancement and opening doors to new opportunities

Professionals looking to enhance presentation skills, lead teams effectively, or excel in client interactions, as well as leaders, managers, entrepreneurs, business owners, public figures, speakers, and job seekers may find this program beneficial

It offers a structured platform to address communication fears and enhance presentation abilities, employing techniques like Neuro Somatics™, Language Memory Programming Semantics™, and Speech Linguistic Patterns™​

Yes, the program includes a Speech Limiters Test & Review to assess your communication strengths and weaknesses, with trainers providing feedback​

The program includes physical activities like diaphragm breathing techniques, power poses, and laughter therapy to help participants overcome nervousness and develop emotional strength

Yes, the program can be customized according to specific requirements, catering to both individuals and groups

Yes, participants will receive a certificate of completion, which can be a great addition to their portfolio or resume, assisting in career advancement or job search​

The courses can be held at the Speech Academy Asia centre or at a chosen venue, depending on the preference

You can fill up  one of the contact form and we will be happy to reach out to you for your needs. Alternatively, you can just call us.

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    Public Speaking Skills

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