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Let the next school holiday be the turning point of your child’s development in one of life’s essential skills – Public Speaking. Every child has amazing imagination and different ways of looking at the world. Our world today was built by yesterday’s children and tomorrow’s world will be built by your child.

But very often, these wonderful ideas are lost in their inner thoughts from fear of speaking out in public or lack in confidence when expressing those ideas. These challenges may also deny them from expanding their ideas further and over time, may develop self-confidence issues.

Therefore, it is important to engage them with fun activities that explore interesting ways to express their creative thoughts and inner voice. Allowing them to overcome initial obstacles, both internal and external, progressively with easy to meet objectives at various stages.

At Speech Academy Asia, we champion that inner voice but more importantly, enable that voice to be amplified with confidence and passion. Through our proven methodologies, engaging activities and conducive fun environment, we help children in S.E. Asia develop this important life skill.

With over 10 years of curriculum development and close collaboration with top institutions like Trinity College London, Harvard Student Agencies, National University of Singapore and many more, Speech Academy Asia has become the regional thought leader in the field of Public Speaking for children.

Using exclusive patented methodologies like Speech Linguistic Patterns™ and Neuro Somatics™, and through our experienced trainers who are experts in this field, we have one of the most effective public speaking curriculums for children in the region. As our approach is through games and activities, this will be one of the most engaging and entertaining programs for your child.

Speech Champions Holiday Camp is a two-day intensive workshop designed to boost your child’s confidence in public speaking and their communication and interpersonal skills. This camp will also empower him or her with basic techniques to becoming a powerful speaker.

It will be a fun filled two-day camp with lots of engaging outdoor activities where your child can make new friends and explore new interests. But more importantly, with critical take-aways that can assist them throughout their lives.

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    Teamwork Development

    In this Holiday Camp programme, your child will develop an enhanced ability to work in a team through our educational games, which include teamwork, coordination, discussion and team brainstorming activities.

    Public Speaking and Presentation Skills

    Your child will be immersed in the worlds of remarkable leaders such as Lee Kwan Yew and Steve Jobs in this Holiday Camp programme. He or she will learn about the public speaking techniques used by these leaders to create engaging and meaningful speeches!

    Leadership Skills

    Your child will develop leadership skills as he or she experiences leading a team in the specially curated outdoor activities for our Holiday Camp Programme!

    Interpersonal Skills

    Your child’s social skills will be improved through our Holiday Camp’s team bonding activities, during which he or she will learn to form meaningful friendships with peers.

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