Future Career Development

Trinity College London Examination

Trinity College London is a leading international examination board specialised in the assessment of communicative and performance skills. Trinity College London’s graded examinations in Communication Skills are designed to support candidates to develop a wide range of transferable communication skills. Most importantly, students awarded the Trinity College International Certificate in Communication Skills may include it in their Direct School Admission (DSA) portfolio!

Professional Grading

The Trinity College London certificates, available in eight grades, are internally recognised and make an excellent addition to your child’s Direct School Admission (DSA) portfolio!

Confidence Development

Develop your child’s confidence and self-esteem by employing the Neuro Somatics™ teaching methodology, a technique for strengthening the mind to face and overcome fears.

MOE Direct School Admission (DSA) Portfolio

 Including these Trinity certificates in your child’s DSA portfolio helps represent his or her holistic development, both academic and non-academic –  a criterion considered by DSA interviewers.

Future Career Development

Working towards these examinations develops a variety of 21st century skills that are highly sought after by employers, such as the ability to learn and adapt, working towards deadlines under pressure, and critical and problem-solving skills.

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