Entrepreneurship for Kids and Students

Entrepreneurship for Kids and Students

Entrepreneurship for kids


Introducing a groundbreaking journey into the world of entrepreneurship tailored for young minds aged 5 to 16! Imagine a place where creativity meets capability—where your child or student doesn’t just dream about the future but learns to build it. Our program equips children and student with essential life skills, from self-confidence and effective communication to critical thinking and problem-solving. It’s not just about business; it’s about building a resilient, proactive mindset.

Where do you begin?

Start by nurturing your child’s or student’s curiosity and encouraging their creative ideas. Our initial sessions focus on helping them understand the basics of entrepreneurship through engaging, hands-on activities that spark their interest and enthusiasm. We lay the foundation with simple, relatable concepts that resonate with their everyday experiences, gradually building up to more complex ideas as they grow more confident and capable.

What do you teach?

Our curriculum is designed to introduce young entrepreneurs to the core aspects of starting and managing a business. This includes identifying opportunities, making plans, understanding finances, and marketing their ideas. We also emphasize the importance of soft skills such as teamwork, perseverance, and ethical decision-making. Each lesson is crafted to be fun and interactive, ensuring that learning feels like an adventure.

How do you start?

Getting started is easy! Simply register your child or student for our next session through our website or contact us directly for more information. We offer various formats to fit your schedule. Once enrolled, your child or student will be placed in a small group with peers of similar age and interests, ensuring personalized attention and an optimized learning environment.

Unlock the Entrepreneur Within!

Inspire your child’s or student’s entrepreneurial spirit with our Entrepreneurship for Kids course, designed for young learners aged 5-16. This course equips children and students with essential skills to think creatively, solve problems, and understand the basics of running a business, setting the foundation for future leaders and innovators.

Key Program Details

Age Group: 5-16 years

Course Format

Engaging, interactive sessions that combine practical activities with foundational business knowledge.

Course Highlights

Creative Confidence: Engage in activities that enhance creativity and boost confidence in idea generation and sharing.

Finding My Tribe: Learn the value of teamwork and collaborative problem-solving through interactive group challenges.

The Right Timing: Understand market dynamics and decision-making with simulations that mimic real business scenarios.

Product-Market Fit: Develop products that resonate with customer needs through targeted market analysis.

I am an Entrepreneur: Culminate the course by developing and pitching a business plan, simulating a real entrepreneurial experience.

Learning Objectives

Innovative Problem Solving: Equip children and students with the skills to tackle business challenges creatively.

Business Fundamentals: Introduce essential concepts such as marketing, financial literacy, and strategic planning.

Public Speaking and Presentation: Enhance communication skills through structured public speaking and business pitching sessions.

Team Collaboration: Foster leadership and teamwork skills, crucial for entrepreneurial success.


Our course combines a dynamic curriculum with real-world applications to provide a comprehensive learning experience

Engaging Curriculum: Utilizes a variety of teaching methods including games, problem-solving tasks, and collaborative projects.

Practical Application: Encourages children and students to apply learned concepts to develop their own business plans.

Constructive Feedback: Provides regular feedback sessions to help refine ideas and improve communication and presentation skills.

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Empowering 10,000 Kids and Counting: Boost Your Child’s Confidence and Communication Skills with our Free Trial! Investing in your child’s communication skills early on can have immense long-term benefits! Register today!

    Suitable for 5 to 16 years old

    Salesmanship for kids in learning entrepreneurship involves teaching them essential skills such as understanding their product, identifying their target audience, and communicating effectively. It includes building customer relationships, networking, and using basic marketing strategies creatively.

    Public Speaking and Presentation Skills

    Your child will be immersed in the worlds of remarkable leaders such as Lee Kwan Yew and Steve Jobs. He or she will learn about the public speaking techniques used by these leaders to create engaging and meaningful speeches!

    Leadership Skills

    Your child will develop leadership skills as he or she experiences leading a team in our specially curated activities!


    Your child will gain confidence to speak in front of large groups with our public speaking methodology. He or she will not only learn to read together with the rest of the class, but will also receive training to recite to the entire class on stage!

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