Phonics Classes

For a child who does not know how to read, words may seem like a confusing piece of abstract art. Phonics prepares your child to read by teaching him or her to link sounds to letters and words. This programme is carefully curated and tailored to help your child progress through literacy and phonemic awareness to self-managed comprehension!

Pronunciation Clarity

Your child will be taught small groups of letter sounds, which will allow him or her to begin blending when reading and segmenting letter sounds in words when spelling. This method involves synthesising or blending phonemes to make a word, enabling your child to start off on the right foot. 

Tonality Training

Learning the art of reading with varying pitch, loudness and speed will turn your child’s voice into a melodious tune that draws audiences’ attention when he or she speaks.

Phonetic Skills

Our multi-sensory synthetic phonics programme focuses on coding and decoding words, allowing your child to learn spelling at the same time!


Your child will gain confidence to speak in front of large groups with our public speaking methodology. He or she will not only learn to read together with the rest of the class, but will also receive training to recite to the entire class on stage!

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