Develop and master interview skills and strategies even the most inexperienced can ace DSA!

DSA Preparation Workshop

Our Direct School Admission (DSA) Preparation Workshop, spearheaded by experienced trainers, will prepare your child for the 81 most crucial questions frequently asked by DSA examiners. Half the battle is won if your children knows how to answer these 81 questions!

Besides communication skills, DSA examiners also look out for non-verbal communication and cues, such as confidence. Therefore, to ensure holistic preparation, our DSA preparation workshop also ensures that your children’s soft skills are well-developed for that crucial interview!

   Segment       Details   
INTRODUCTION    The Introduction Segment of the workshop will include Rapport Building, Self Introductions and a Sharing Session.
FUNDAMENTALS OF SPEECH This part of the workshop will assess the participant’s confidence level, eye contact, voice tonality, hand gestures, and body language.
PRACTICE    The Practice Segment of the workshop is an interactive session between the participant and person Trainer. Participant will also undergo a mock interview session, as a potential DSA interviewee.
SPEECH REFINEMENT     The Speech Refinement Segment of the workshop will be an interactive session between participant and personal trainer. Participant will refine their speech and answers, before undergoing a final mock interview session as a potential DSA interviewee.
HOMEWORK    The Homework Segment of the workshop will cover the preparation needed for crucial questions that examiners will commonly ask, as well as how to sufficiently prepare for these questions.


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