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This Adult Public Speaking course is ideal if you want to improve your communication abilities and boost your self-confidence. These essential life skills will effectively equip you for career advancement.

Public Speaking Skills

Deliver impactful speeches by mastering the use of body language, intonation and facial expressions


Overcome stage fright with the Neuro Somatics™ methodology, which transforms fear patterns into confidence to speak up.

Rapport Building

Build unbreakable bonds with your clients, through effective rapport building, to generate new and repeated sales.

Speaker Types

Discover your Speaker Archetype and unleash the communication style you will excel in.

Mindset Transformation

Achieve your leadership potential through understanding the influence of various leadership styles, identifying self-limiting thoughts and developing resilience.

Action Orientation

Develop discipline and mental resilience to sustain motivation for your career breakthrough.

Power of Rapport

Build unbreakable bonds with your team and stakeholders through effective rapport building.


Develop the ability to unleash and adapt your critical creativity to come up with creative solutions when necessary.

Overcome Limitations

Overcome the fears holding you back from pursuing your goals and learn why certain habits can impede your breakthrough!

Career Development

Discover and develop employability skills for the 21st century, such as interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence, for your career advancement.

Presentation Skills

Use the Speech Linguistic Patterns™ technique to deliver meaningful and impactful messages to your intended audience.

Closing Techniques

Instil in your clients a sense of urgency and desire to purchase through efficient and constructive pitches.

Follow-up techniques

Develop strategic follow-ups and rapport building protocols with your clients to drive new and repeated sales.

Branding Techniques

Stand out from your peers by developing a distinct personal/corporate branding strategy.

Interpersonal Skills

Hone your interpersonal skills to excel at customer service and enhance staff experience.

Corporate Presentations

Use the Speech Linguistic Patterns™ technique to deliver meaningful and impactful messages to business partners.

Team Motivation

Empower your team to wake up with motivation and strive for success with determination, using the Neuro Somatics™ methodology.

Persuasion and Sales

Increase sales by preparing your team for objection handling and honing their persuasion skills.

Speech Crafting

Develop speech crafting skills that allow you to deliver your message to audiences more effectively.

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