Sweaty palms. Stuttered words. Tired of making endless sales pitches without getting anywhere? We heard you and we want to help you! Be it at a job promotion interview or a product presentation, do not let that fear of public speaking obstruct you from your career advancement opportunities.

Our corporate training and development, as well as corporate communications training at Speech Academy Asia are carefully curated to help you overcome public speaking jitters. Custom corporate trainings are also available for participants who wish to hone a specific skillset, such as leadership skills.

As an institution for communications, Speech Academy Asia has been the go-to corporate training companies in Singapore, simply because our patented teaching methodology has been proven to be effective at transforming participants into masters of speech. Our corporate training and development modules may also be customized to the functions of the organization, allowing participants to develop communication skills that can be applied on the job directly.

After attending our workshops and corporate training courses in Singapore, you will walk away with effective public speaking techniques. Our extensive custom corporate training programs also anchors on charisma and personal branding. These soft skills will transform you from being drowned in the room to lifting your audience with revelation! Putting all these into consideration, it is safe to say that enrolling in any of our corporate training courses in Singapore is a great move that comes with notable benefits. They include improving your corporate image as well as boosting your self-confidence!

If you are looking for corporate training companies in Singapore that can transform you into confident, prospective leader, you found it! Sign up now and be one step closer to your goals!



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