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Speech Academy Asia offers a comprehensive Sales Training programme designed to equip professionals with the skills they need to excel in the competitive world of sales. This course is ideal for those seeking to refine their sales techniques, improve objection handling, and boost sales conversions.

One of the unique aspects of the Sales Training programme at Speech Academy Asia is the focus on Speech Linguistic Patterns™. This approach involves the use of language to convey meaning and influence others. The academy’s experienced instructors teach participants how to use patterns such as metaphor, analogy, and repetition to create compelling pitches and presentations that capture their audience’s attention. This technique not only enhances the effectiveness of communication but also helps in building a strong connection with clients.

Another distinctive feature of the programme is the P.U.S.H methodology, a strategic approach to sales that includes:

  1. Product (P): Here, participants learn how to explain their unique selling proposition (USP) effectively, highlighting the distinctive features and benefits of their product or service that set them apart from the competition.
  2. Urgency (U): This part of the methodology focuses on creating a sense of urgency for the client to buy now. This could be due to a limited-time discount or the fact that a competitor is already making moves.
  3. Sweeten the Deal (S): In this stage, participants learn how to make buying now the only choice for the client by adding value or incentives to the deal.
  4. Hang the Deal (H): If a client feels pressured, this technique teaches participants how to change the topic and talk about other things, effectively “hanging the deal”. The key is to then skillfully steer the conversation back to the sale, ensuring that the meeting remains a sales meeting.

The Sales Training programme also includes modules on rapport building, closing techniques, follow-up techniques, and branding techniques. These components, combined with the unique Speech Linguistic Patterns™ and P.U.S.H methodology, provide a comprehensive toolkit for sales professionals.

The academy believes that ‘No’ is not a rejection; it’s a redirection. This mindset is instilled in participants, helping them to see every challenge as an opportunity for growth and improvement.

Whether you’re a seasoned sales professional looking to sharpen your skills or a newcomer to the field, Speech Academy Asia’s Sales Training programme offers the tools, techniques, and unique strategies you need to succeed.

Rapport Building

Build unbreakable bonds with your clients, through effective rapport building, to generate new and repeated sales.

Closing Techniques

Instil in your clients a sense of urgency and desire to purchase through efficient and constructive pitches.

Follow-up techniques

Develop strategic follow-ups and rapport building protocols with your clients to drive new and repeated sales.

Branding Techniques

Stand out from your peers by developing a distinct personal/corporate branding strategy.

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