We are proud to introduce to you our latest program – Speech Academy Asia’s latest webinar English Public Speaking classes! Besides convenience and affordability, our program helps to improve your child’s oral exam skills. The oral exam techniques taught in this series are further reinforced through live demonstrations for an added personal touch that helps your children learn better and faster!
Speech Heroes is a revolutionary game where you are the hero that saves the world from the darkness through completing quests. Acquired in-game diamonds can be used to enhance your avatar’s equipment and even exchange for prizes in real life!
“I feel extremely proud because when I enrolled Claire with Speech Academy Asia half a year ago, she was very shy. I felt that I wanted to share this this very proud moment because I just came out of the classroom and Claire stood in front of the class and presented herself! This was something I have never seen in my entire life!” – Mummy of Claire and Caydren.



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