Surveys show that the number one fear of most people is not death but having to speak in front of a group of people. It sounds illogical but it is true. So does it mean the person delivering the eulogy is worse off than the one in the casket? Fear of public speaking can be overcome by training.

We have years of experience training individuals with our effective methodology. Our trainers are dedicated and inspirational. Our workshops are fun and engaging. We offer public speaking trainings for individuals and for corporate too. Our Speeches of Excellence enable you to achieve your goal. You will be transformed to be an eloquent speaker. We will hone your communication skill. This skill helps you increase your sales if you are a sales personnel. If you are in a leadership position, this skill enables you to convey your thoughts and ideas clearly and effectively. Thus, your team will improve cohesion and productivity. You will gain the respect and be an inspiration for all. At Speechacademyasia, our experienced trainers will help you to speak confidently and with humour. You will be able to capture the attention of your audience with your superb delivery. You will learn about body language, gestures and the correct use of your tone and voice to speak well. You will speak with conviction.

On a personal level, your relationship with people will improve. You will be a happier person. In our interactive workshops, you will learn with practical daily scenarios. In this way, you get the chance to practice what you have learnt. At the end of our workshops, you will learn the crucial steps to communicate effectively with anyone, anywhere. You would have mastered the essential basics of public speaking. You will soon find yourself having people who are receptive of your ideas. You will then be empowered to meet any challenges be it in your profession or in your personal life.

Public speaking for kids
We have public speaking programmes specially designed for children and teenagers. Let your child have a headstart. Our programmes enable them to acquire good public speaking skills which will be an asset for their future. Our dedicated trainers conduct classes with fun as children learn best through play. They will learn body language, voice control and right use of words and other useful skills to become a good and effective speaker. They will definitely perform better in their school curriculum for “Show and Tell”. They will do well in their oral examinations too. We also have Character Development programmes for children and teenagers. Our programmes allow the children to discover who they are, what their talents and strengths are. With this knowledge, they can then set goals for themselves. They will learn how to socialize, co-operate and share. Thus your child is well poised for the future.

Corporate trainings
On the corporate level, our trainings enable your staff to transfer what they have learnt with us to their colleagues. In this way, your company will save training costs.

Sales training
Speeachacademyasia has courses to help sales personnel to improve their salesmanship. They will learn to discover their own strength to develop their own selling strategy. We study proven strategies of successful global sales masters. There will be trainings in negotiation skills and on sales closing techniques. Pre and post fundamental sales processes are taught to deliver customers satisfaction.