Sensory Integration

Rainbow Friends

Rainbow Friends is an individualised feedback-based, special needs-focused programme that focuses on skills that are important to these children. Through Rainbow Friends, we hope to reach out to the special needs community and provide a safe space for children to learn and develop essential skills. We would also like to use this opportunity to give parents a break while their children learn in a safe environment.

Sensory Integration

Children with Special Needs will be encouraged to use tactile sensory stimulation tools to improve tactile defensiveness or reduce sensory-seeking behaviour. Tactile sensory activities are also incorporated to improve sensory integration in this Special Needs-Focused Programme.

Social Interaction and Communication Skills

Facilitated Social Interaction in our Special Needs-Focused Programme is a segment in which trainers identify students who can potentially interact with a friend who has similar engagement levels. Trainers and facilitators facilitate interaction among identified pairs using interactive tools. Students will then be encouraged to practise aspects of general communication such as eye contact, turn-taking, and the use of appropriate situational phrases.

Social Emotional Learning and Regulation

The social interaction development segment of our Special Needs-Focused Programme allows students to learn important techniques that help them recognise and identify their emotions. They will then learn how to regulate the emotions they have identified.

Fine and Gross Motor Skills

In this segment of our Special Needs-Focused Programme, students will be engaged in activities, with the use of appropriate tools, that improve and involve movement and coordination of the arms, legs, and other large body parts. These may include writing skills.

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