Subject Mastery

Integrated Education

The Integrated Education programme is an all-encompassing course that develops your child holistically in terms of both academics and character development. In this programme, your child will be guided on how he or she can learn better, using the following teaching methodologies.

Subject Mastery

Through the Protégé Effect Pedagogy, your child will convert memorised short-term knowledge into long-term memory by teaching what he or she has learnt to other classmates.

Effective Repetition

Your child will learn how to revise for examinations and answer examination questions under pressure using scientific repetition cycles to achieve peak memory retention and muscle memory.

Discussion-Based Learning

A three-way discussion-based learning pedagogy practised between teacher, student and classmates will generate your child’s interest in learning and develop his or her ability to apply knowledge gained in real-world circumstances.

Champion’s Mindset

Your child will develop a positive attitude towards learning when he or she is exposed to both active and rote learning approaches. This will encourage your child to study with the aim of learning for personal growth rather than merely preparing for tests.

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