Almost all students are fearful of presentations. The fear is twofold. One is the content of the presentation and the other is the lack of presentation skills. If the content and skill are found wanting, the grade will be affected. Some may say as long as the content is well prepared, the presentation will not be a problem. Is it so? It will be a pity if all your long hours of research work on the content come to nought due to last minute jittery, anxiety and you fumble during the Q and A session of the presentation. Fortunately, there are some tips to help you.

First and foremost is your content. All your research work should be arranged in a flowing manner.

  • The main points are your backbone of your presentation.
  • Do not read from your notes.
  • Prepare cue cards with key words on them.
  • Use visual aids like slides, charts and graphs to illustrate your points. However, do not over use them.
  • Dress appropriately for your presentation.
  • Speak clearly and loud enough for your audience to hear you. Look at your audience when you speak.
  • Vary your pitch and tone to emphasize an important point. Do not speak in monotone.
  • You should practice a few times in front of the mirror to check on your posture and gestures.
  • End your presentation within the allocated time.
  • Summarise your main points before ending your speech. A lucid explanation scores points.