Does your job require you to do presentations frequently? Are you required to speak in public often? Does your job require you to have effective communication skills?

Or most importantly, you know you have a very good product which is way above your competitors but you lack the power to convince your potential buyers.

Well, fret no more! We, at Speeachcademyasia, are able to help you! We can transform you to become a good, confident and effective speaker. You will be able to capture undivided attention of your audience with your superb eloquence which is spiced with humour and yes, your charisma.

Whatever professions you are in, the ability to speak well is an asset. Be it sales or services, good communication skills help. It helps in your career advancement too. On a personal level, it improves your interpersonal skill and your social life is enhanced.

On the corporate training level, our programmes let your employees learn about sales compendium which includes sales psychology, personal selling, negotiation techniques and closing of deals. We share proven strategies of successful personnel. We offer techniques to manage unhappy customers too! The techniques learned can then be transferred to other employees in the workplace thus saving cost.

At Speechacademyasia, we are committed to nurture children and teenagers. They are Singapore’s most valuable resources. The future lies in their hands. All parents wish to give their children a headstart in life. It is a unanimous fact that most adults are afraid of public speaking. The fear can be traced to the lack of such training in the early years of an adult life. At Speechacademy, our programmes train your child to be a confident speaker in any circumstances. Children will learn how to use their voice, body language and gestures. With our training, your child can shine in his/her school’s “Show and Tell” curriculum. Your child will also perform well in his/her oral examinations.

We also have Character Development activities for children and teenagers. Through our fun-filled activities, your child will discover his/her own character and strength so that they can set goals for themselves. We teach them how to work towards realizing their goals. Children also learn socializing skills. They will learn how to cooperate, share and empathise. With all these and more, your child will be well poised for his/her future.