As a sales personnel, the most challenging aspect of your profession is to meet with sales objections. Even those in the service sector face the same challenge. Below are some useful tips to help you to overcome your problems.

Readiness for objections
You have to be prepared for objections. From your experience, list down all the reasons for objection that you have encountered. Prioritise them into the most frequent ones to the occasional ones. Prepare good responses and plan strategies to address every objections. When you face with objection, remain cool, listen attentively and understand their reasons. From your list, you will realise that the most common reasons for objection are usually budget, need, urgency and trust.

Concur that price is an issue but do not rush to give discount as it may raise doubt to the quality of your product. Instead, stress the qualities of your product and in what ways it can benefit your prospects. Demonstrate your knowledge of your product and show that you understand their needs. Show your care of their needs, not the eagerness to sell your product.

When your prospects object to the need to change, share some research about the competition and some of the changes that have been made in their industry. Share with your prospects the changes their competitors have made. Create awareness of the ever changing environment of their industry.

Another way to overcome the need to change is to demonstrate past examples of change and how beneficial they were. For example, show the client a list of different ways the industry has changed over the past 10 years.

People say timing is everything. When your prospects tell you to call back in 6 months’ time, you can overcome this objection by convincing them of what they are losing by not having your product right away. You can illustrate some revenue projections of what they could gain over the next 6 months instead.

Trust is needed in every trade. You need to be honest and forthcoming to overcome objections. Be truthful with information and share testimonials and references that will gain confidence in your product.