3 Oct 2022

Problem-solving is a universal job skill that applies to any position in any industry. It is a recognized skill for which many employers send their employees for corporate training courses in Singapore, so that they may develop these important life skills.

Like communication skills, problem-solving skills may seem like second nature to most of us. However, the truth is that not everyone is good at it.

Strong problem solvers are a valuable addition to any team – but what happens when you are just not good at solving problems?

Corporate training courses in Singapore, especially the custom corporate training courses provided at Speech Academy Asia, are usually more comprehensive. Here we have condensed the problem-solving process and created a bite-sized problem-solving checklist just for you!

You can use many different approaches to problem-solving, but you will typically work through these four distinct stages no matter what approach you take. Understanding each step of the process will help you hone your problem skills, in your journey towards a smart, workable solution.

The bite-sized problem-solving checklist:
• Identifying the underlying cause of the problem
• Understand the cause of the problem
• Think of a solution for the problem
• Set-up a system for dealing with the problem if it reoccurs
Let us take a look at the following example to help you better understand how you can apply this problem-solving checklist in real life!

The bite-sized problem-solving checklist (Application!)
• Identifying the underlying cause of the problem
– Customer A wants a refund because he received an incorrect item in his parcel.
– It has been found that this error occurred during the parcel packing process in the factory.

• Understand the cause of the problem
– The error in the packing process occurred because the Customer Service Officer (CSO) responsible for taking this order failed to update the system when the customer make changes to his order.
– This order was made during the Christmas season, where there was a high influx of orders.

• Think of a solution for the problem
– Implement a checking system – for the CSOs to double check and tally all orders against customers emails prior to sending the order list to the factory.
– This human error could have occurred due to the sudden increased of workload during the festive period. Therefore, a potential solution could be to hire extra manpower.
– Regularly sending employees for necessary trainings to ensure that all employees are up to date in terms of their skillsets – Corporate training courses in Singapore are always readily available to help organisations improve on these competency gaps!

• Set up a system for dealing with the problem if it reoccurs
– Set up a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for the CSOs to follow to ensure that the additional step to double check orders is implemented.
– Set up a SOP for the hiring managers to forecast and hire additional manpower during festive period.

There will never be one fixed solution to multiple problems. Therefore despite the checklist, do remember that other soft skills such as observational and analytical abilities also play a huge part in ensuring the success rate of resolving a problem. (This is also typically why employers send their staffs on continuous or even custom corporate trainings courses!)

We hope that you find this post useful in kick-starting your endeavor for your career breakthrough!

If you would like to immerse yourself in a more comprehensive problem-solving skills development, or would like to take a look at the list of corporate training courses available at Speech Academy Asia, feel free to drop us a email at

Enjoy and good luck!

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