The Million-Dollar Intrapreneurial Mindset


The Million-Dollar Intrapreneurial Mindset

3 Oct 2022

The pandemic has proven itself to be detrimental to the economy, making it even more challenging for small businesses to be sustainable.

If you think that hiring more employees is required for the expansion of your business, you are only half right. After all, most small businesses have limited funds to run on. Instead, hire and develop intrapreneurs for your organization!

What are Intrapreneurs?

The term ‘Intrapreneur’ is based on the word ‘Entrepreneur’. Entrepreneurs start their own ventures and work for themselves, often by developing a new product or service. Intrapreneurs are encouraged by their employers to work and think like an entrepreneur, just within and as part of the company, to act like a leader in the realm of their project or department.

Intrapreneurs think backwards from the outcome and create a path of action to make it possible. Hence, they have a completely different mindset and they bring you dramatically better results than typical employees do. More often than not, these Intrapreneurs are way more responsible and committed to the cause, thus adding greater value to the organisation.

Conversely, when you bring an employee onto your team, you become a manager. In a lean organisation, managing too many employees might hinder you from taking a step back to look at the business from a broader perspective. Therefore, the strategic way to maximise your organisation’s headcount is to identify these potential leaders in your team and develop their Intrapreneurial mindset!

If you are an employee hunting for a career or career advancement opportunities, note that it is also important to foster a strong intrapreneurial mindset because it could potentially be a bonus skill set that sets you apart from your peers!

Where do I find Intrapreneurs?

Natural intrapreneurs are hard to come by. But we have good news – The intrapreneurial mindset can be developed in employees, especially those with exceptionally strong leadership skills. Thus it is not uncommon for organisations to send their employees to corporate training courses in Singapore to upgrade and maximise the skills of these potential leaders. Some organisations even choose to invest in industry-specific custom corporate training courses!

How do I develop the Intrapreneurial mindset and culture in my organisation?

A great way to develop the intrapreneurial mindset and culture in your organisation is to empower your employees. Studies show that employee empowerment can have a direct effect on job performance, and an indirect effect on satisfaction and innovativeness!

Another method to develop an intrapreneurial mindset could be to encourage your employees to venture outside the scope of their work. Engaging in too much repetitive work on a daily basis could cause employees to become entrenched in routine thought, blocking innovative ideas and demoralizing them in the long run. Therefore even simple changes, such as allowing them to job shadow a colleague from another department, or help a team member with a new project will help to inject a sense of freshness and boost creative thought!

These are only two of the many ways in which organisations can develop the Intrapreneurial mindset in the employees, which is why many organisations often prefer to send their employees to corporate training courses. Some organisations even send these employees to custom corporate training courses to ensure that the classes are industry specific!

If you would like to learn more about the types of corporate training courses available to develop intrapreneurs or to suit your organisational goals, do feel free to drop us an email at We are always happy to share what we know!

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