The AsiaOne Feature – The Speech Champions Holiday Camp!


The AsiaOne Feature – The Speech Champions Holiday Camp!

7 Feb 2023

Thank you AsiaOne for featuring us! Speech Academy Asia is strongly dedicated to helping people develop their public speaking skills. Public speaking is an essential skill that everyone should develop, especially children, as it will benefit them greatly in the future. The skills acquired from public speaking can be used in a vast area, such as in interviews or during presentations, whether at school or at a job. 

Besides public speaking, Speech Academy Asia will also educate your child on critical thinking skills, which are essential in allowing your child to tackle complex tasks. These critical thinking skills will help your child develop the 21st-century competencies as laid out by MOE.

Furthermore, by learning public speaking, your child will be able to develop their communication skills which are crucial in a person’s day-to-day life. Without these communication skills, humanity would be unable to function.

Speech Academy Asia, the best enrichment centre for public speaking, also makes it a point to include in its curriculum stories and information about icons known to be very eloquent and good at public speaking, such as Lee Kuan Yew and Mark Zuckerburg. A common link between many leaders and entrepreneurs is that they have exceptional public speaking skills. 

This link highlights the importance of public speaking in the world and how it is important to have good public speaking skills to succeed. With good public speaking skills, your child can clearly express their opinions and convince others to share their ideas.

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