Speech Academy Asia’s Growth Reflects the Rising Importance of Public Speaking Skills

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Speech Academy Asia’s Growth Reflects the Rising Importance of Public Speaking Skills

24 Oct 2023

In recent times, the significance of public speaking has grown, especially for the younger generation. Institutions like Speech Academy Asia have taken the lead in nurturing these essential skills, showcasing their importance through notable growth and expansion. The academy has recently opened three new outlets in Tiong Bahru, Alexandra, and Beauty World, reflecting the increasing demand for public speaking education.

Public speaking is crucial for various reasons:

1. Self-Confidence: Public speaking helps in building self-confidence as individuals learn to express their thoughts and ideas in front of an audience.
2. Communication Skills: It plays a vital role in improving communication skills, enabling individuals to articulate their ideas clearly and effectively.
3. Personality Development: Engaging in public speaking activities from a young age aids in overall personality development and helps overcome the common fear of speaking in public.
4. Social Interaction: It also enhances social skills, leadership qualities, and the ability to influence others positively.

Speech Academy Asia, with its commitment to fostering public speaking skills among both children and adults, employs a set of unique methodologies that set it apart from other institutions:

Neuro Somatics™:
• This methodology focuses on the connection between the mind and body. Students are taught how to manage nerves and present with confidence by utilizing body language and breathing techniques .

Language Memory Programming Semantics™ (LMPS):
• LMPS is designed to help students remember their speeches and deliver them with ease through visualization and other memory techniques .

Speech Linguistic Patterns™:
• This involves the use of language patterns like metaphor, analogy, and repetition to craft compelling speeches and presentations .

The academy’s growth is not just a result of increasing awareness among parents and educators about the importance of public speaking, but also a testament to its quality of education. Their curriculum, developed by experts, contains over a thousand methods aimed at improving speech crafting, body language, voice tonality, and emotions. Trainers integrate engaging games into classes, making the learning process fun and effective for children .

The growing importance of public speaking for youth is further illustrated by recent educational reforms in Singapore. Secondary schools are now emphasizing public speaking to prepare students for revised English oral exam components in the GCE O-Level and N(A)-Level examinations. This initiative underscores the critical role of effective communication, not only for academic success but also for real-world engagements, resonating with Speech Academy Asia’s mission to nurture adept communicators from a young age .

The opening of new outlets in Tiong Bahru, Alexandra, and Beauty World is a step towards bringing public speaking education closer to more individuals. As Speech Academy Asia continues to grow and garner recognition, it sets a positive trend for the emphasis on public speaking skills, making a substantial contribution to the community by preparing individuals for a future where effective communication is key to success.

Public Speaking is a movement aimed at empowering the next generation with the essential skills they need to succeed in the 21st century.

Through specialized programs like those offered by Speech Academy Asia, the best enrichment center specializing in public speaking courses for kids, young individuals can develop confidence, enhance their communication skills, foster critical thinking, cultivate leadership abilities, and nurture empathy and understanding.

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