National Public Speaking Competition – Speak Up Kids 2023: Igniting the Oratorical Spark in Young Minds

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National Public Speaking Competition – Speak Up Kids 2023: Igniting the Oratorical Spark in Young Minds

20 Oct 2023


The National Public Speaking Competition, “Speak Up Kids 2023,” is set to be a riveting contest where young orators from various schools will display their eloquence and persuasive skills. Organized by Speech Academy Asia, this competition aims to empower the next generation with vital public speaking skills, grooming them to be confident communicators of the future​.

Growing Participation

This year, the enthusiasm and the level of competition have surged with 83 teams from a total of 18 schools already registered and the numbers are still climbing. It’s an incredible platform that encourages students to hone their oratory skills and provides a platform to express their ideas fearlessly.

Competition Structure

The competition entails several rounds where participants will be evaluated based on their ability to articulate ideas, persuade the audience, and exhibit a strong stage presence. In addition to the competition, Speech Academy Asia is known for conducting workshops that further enhance the public speaking, confidence, and presentation skills of the students, preparing them for Direct School Admission (DSA)​.

Online Engagements

With the pandemic’s challenges, there’s an innovative approach towards online engagements. The competition has embraced the digital platform, with schools submitting video entries for evaluation​​. This approach not only adheres to the safety protocols but also prepares the students to be adept communicators in the digital realm.

Previous Engagements

The previous editions of the competition have witnessed tremendous success. The 2022 edition, for instance, received a significant number of entries, and the excitement was palpable among the participants and the organizers alike​. Each year, the competition has built upon the success of the previous editions, adding new dimensions and learning experiences for the participants.

Workshops and Training

In the run-up to the competition, participants have the opportunity to attend workshops conducted by Speech Academy Asia. These workshops are meticulously designed to equip the students with the necessary skills required to excel in the competition and beyond​​.


The Speak Up Kids 2023 is more than just a competition; it’s a movement aimed at nurturing a generation of eloquent and confident speakers. The growing participation from various schools is a testament to the significant impact this competition has in fostering a culture of effective communication among the youth.

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