How Speech Academy Asia Can Help Your Child Ace Oral Examinations

How Speech Academy Asia Can Help Your Child Ace Oral Examinations

30 Jun 2023

Help Your Child Ace Oral Examinations

Oral examinations can be a daunting task for many children. They require not just a good understanding of the subject matter, but also the ability to articulate thoughts clearly, confidently, and persuasively. This is where Speech Academy Asia comes into play. With a unique teaching methodology and a focus on communication excellence, Speech Academy Asia is committed to helping your child excel in oral examinations.


Pronunciation is a fundamental aspect of oral communication. Mispronunciations can lead to misunderstandings and can affect the overall impression of the speaker. At Speech Academy Asia, the importance of correct pronunciation is emphasized. The academy’s experienced instructors are trained in the art of Neuro Somatics™, which focuses on the connection between the mind and body. This approach helps students to use their body language and breathing techniques to manage their nerves and present with confidence, thereby improving their pronunciation.

Body Language

Speech Academy Asia uses the BEST™ technique, a comprehensive approach to effective communication. The ‘B’ in BEST stands for Body Language. Body language plays a crucial role in communication as it can complement, emphasize, or even contradict what is being said. Speech Academy Asia teaches students how to use their body language effectively to reinforce their message and engage their audience.


The ‘E’ in BEST stands for Expression, emphasizing the importance of expressing emotions effectively during speech. By teaching students how to convey their emotions accurately, the academy helps them to connect better with their audience. This emotional connection can make their speech more engaging and impactful, thereby improving their performance in oral examinations.

Sentence Structure
The ‘S’ in BEST stands for Sentence Structure. A well-structured sentence is easier to understand and more likely to hold the listener’s attention. Speech Academy Asia helps students to construct clear and concise sentences, improving the overall clarity and effectiveness of their speech.


The ‘T’ in BEST stands for Tonality. The tone of voice can significantly influence how a message is perceived. Speech Academy Asia trains students to use tonality to their advantage, teaching them how to adjust their tone to suit the message and the audience, thereby enhancing the impact of their speech.


The way a speech is delivered can make a significant difference in how it is received. Speech Academy Asia focuses on Speech Linguistic Patterns™, which are the ways in which we use language to convey meaning and influence others. The instructors teach students how to use patterns such as metaphor, analogy, and repetition to create compelling speeches and presentations that capture their audience’s attention. This helps students to deliver their speeches in a way that is engaging and impactful.


Speech Academy Asia believes that public speaking is a lifelong skill that can benefit children in school, relationships, and future careers. By focusing on pronunciation, expression, body language, sentence structure, and tonality, the academy helps students to become more effective speakers. Whether your child is preparing for an oral examination or simply looking to improve their public speaking skills, Speech Academy Asia offers a comprehensive and effective program to help them succeed.

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