Franchising, yes or no?


Franchising, yes or no?

18 Jan 2023

Are you an entrepreneur with some spare cash that you intend to use to invest, but don’t know what to put your money into? If you are, then why not consider franchising? 

By franchising, you can be your own boss and run your own business without needing to find your own resources and have a concrete plan for the business! Additionally, by franchising an established business, you will be able to access their resources and their expertise as they will have to support you as you franchise their business. The business that you franchise would also have a business model that is proven to work and brings in enough revenue, thus ensuring that your franchise will be successful. 

Franchising a business will bring you a myriad of benefits. For one thing, the business that you franchise will already have established brand recognition, this means that your franchised business already has an established consumer base and you will not have to spend more money trying to market your business. Franchising a business will also provide you with wider financing options as franchises will often already have existing connections with banks and investors, making it easier for you to secure funding for any projects you have in mind. When starting a franchise, you will also have ongoing support from the business you are franchising. The business can provide you with different forms of assistance ranging from training to marketing materials and granting you access to other experts in different fields. This will enable you to run your franchise more smoothly and secure your financial stability. 

So, if you are interested in franchising a company, why not franchise Speech Academy Asia, the foremost public speaking enrichment centre for both kids and adults. In this day and age, more and more parents are seeing the importance of instilling their children with public speaking skills. This has resulted in the growth of the public speaking enrichment centre market. Speech Academy Asia is a trustable and sustainable business that can guarantee that you will have an operating breakeven within 1 year and a payback within 3 years. Speech Academy Asia is a low-investment start-up that has even won the Franchisor of the Year award from the Franchising and Licensing Association (Singapore) in 2018. 

So, if you’re thinking of franchising a business, why not franchise Speech Academy Asia, the fastest-growing public speaking enrichment centre for kids and adults!

Written by Samuel Teng


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