Exams vs Holistic Development, why the government is beginning to switch from exams.


Exams vs Holistic Development, why the government is beginning to switch from exams.

13 Jan 2023

According to an article posted on Today News, the Ministry of Education (MOE) is reducing examinations by 25 percent. Have you ever wondered why the government is beginning to place less emphasis on examinations? 

Other research has found that developing students’ Emotional Quotient (EQ) and holistic Intelligence Quotient (IQ) is equally important, if not more important, than just focusing on exam results. Currently, academic achievements no longer play a major role when candidates go for a job interview, nowadays, employers are looking out for soft skills that can be directly transferred to the job itself.

Obtaining soft skills is essential for students in this day and age because, other than being book-smart, they have to be good at interacting and communicating with other people. Employers lookout for a variety of soft skills, including communication, critical thinking, and adaptability. According to statistics, employees’ communication skills, critical thinking, and EQ went a long way in predicting their long-term performance. As such, it is crucial for the soft skills of the younger generation to be improved.

Public speaking is an essential skill that comprises all the various skills previously mentioned. With public speaking, your child will be able to improve their communication skills and EQ. Your child will be able to make use of the public speaking skills that they learn in the future whenever they have to do presentations, either at work or in school. The confidence that they gain from public speaking will be very useful to them in the future when they attempt to communicate with others.

Speech Academy Asia has a team of qualified trainers that, other than training your child’s public speaking skills, will teach your child how to strengthen their soft skills, especially their communication skills and EQ. In Speech Academy Asia’s public speaking classes, your child will get the chance to present in front of others and find ways to convey their message. This will strengthen your child’s communication skills and EQ as they will have to deliver their message to the audience succinctly. Furthermore, your child would also be developing their critical thinking skills as they would have to think about how to best present their ideas in a manner that the audience would be willing to accept. Speech Academy Asia is the best enrichment centre to impart public speaking to kids and adults. You can be assured that you or your child’s soft skills will be fully developed after coming for our public speaking classes.

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