Bravo, Future Public Speaking Stars! Primary 3 Students Shine at Fengshan Primary School Training

Bravo, Future Public Speaking Stars! Primary 3 Students Shine at Fengshan Primary School Training

20 May 2023

Recently, the atmosphere at Fengshan Primary School, an MOE school, was buzzing with excitement as our dedicated trainers from School Training School Workshops embarked on a journey to equip the Primary 3 students with remarkable public speaking skills. The trainers were astounded by the enthusiasm displayed by the young learners, who eagerly absorbed a range of techniques using the B.E.S.T method. The result? A magnificent display of newfound confidence and skills that left us in awe. Bravo, kids, for your outstanding efforts! Let’s dive into the delightful details of this remarkable training session.

Unleashing Enthusiasm and Learning Techniques:

From the very beginning, it was evident that the Primary 3 students were bursting with enthusiasm for their public speaking adventure. Their eager faces lit up the room, setting the tone for an engaging and enjoyable training experience. Our trainers from School Training School Workshops wasted no time in introducing the B.E.S.T method, a comprehensive approach to effective public speaking.

B.E.S.T – Building Blocks for Public Speaking Success:

The students embraced the B.E.S.T method wholeheartedly, making impressive progress in their public speaking skills. Let’s explore the building blocks they learned and implemented in their speeches:

Body Language:

The students discovered the importance of body language in conveying their message effectively. Through engaging activities and interactive demonstrations, they learned to utilize posture, gestures, and eye contact to capture the attention and credibility of their audience. By integrating these techniques into their speeches, the students enhanced their overall impact and left a lasting impression.


Public speaking is not just about words; it’s about connecting with the hearts of the listeners. The students delved into the power of emotions, realizing that genuine emotional connection creates a meaningful impact. By sharing personal experiences and connecting emotionally with their audience, the students became more relatable and persuasive speakers.

Sentence Structure:

To communicate their ideas effectively, the students learned the importance of organizing their thoughts coherently. They mastered the art of crafting introductions that pique curiosity, delivering main points with clarity, and concluding with impactful takeaways. By structuring their speeches, the students captured the essence of their message and made it easily understandable for their audience.


The final element of the B.E.S.T method emphasized the importance of vocal variation and intonation. The students discovered how tone of voice can convey different emotions and emphasize key points in their speeches. By practicing tonal variation, they added power and intention to their delivery, captivating their audience with their dynamic speaking style.

A Dazzling Finale:

The training concluded with an awe-inspiring showcase of the students’ newly acquired public speaking skills. As they took to the stage, their confidence radiated like shining stars. The audience was mesmerized by the clarity of their speech, the enthusiasm in their delivery, and the relatability of their examples. The students not only presented with finesse but also fielded questions from the audience with grace and poise. It was a proud moment for everyone involved.


The Primary 3 students at Fengshan Primary School, an MOE school, showcased their incredible potential and enthusiasm during the public speaking training conducted by our trainers from Training School Workshops. Through the B.E.S.T method, they discovered the power of clarity, relevance, confidence, and audience engagement. These budding public speaking stars left an indelible impression on our trainers and the entire audience. We are confident that their newfound skills will serve them well, not only in their academic pursuits but also in their future endeavors. Congratulations, Primary 3 students, on your exceptional achievements! Keep shining and inspiring us all with your remarkable public speaking skills.

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