At Speech Academy Asia, we believe that adult learning has to be practical and suited to be used immediately once the learning has been experienced. With the use of ‘Speech Linguistic Patterns’, we move beyond simple theory and have non-stop opportunities to apply and internalise the various speech competencies.


Our unique selling point is purely that each individual is given access to a toolbox. In this toolbox, they will find various speech tools that they can use to display confidence, charisma, strength, grace, etc. Each technique from the reverse slap to suspensive pauses will become tools you can use when speaking to any audience.


The learning is progressive. Once you have become comfortable with a set of tools, you will begin to develop a personal style. It is the combination of your personal attributes, values and views with the techniques you are most comfortable with that forms your individual style.


Finally, success in speaking is when your personal style can be taken out of the classroom and into the various professional and personal spaces of your life. It is with authentic assessments and speaking engagements in authentic environments that we achieve this process with you.



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