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Lukas Seet Xian Feng

Lukas Seet is the Co-Founder and Training Director of Speech Academy Asia. Being a qualified NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming) Practitioner as well as a Certified People’s Association Trainer; he believes that people can unleash their greatest potential when they meet and learn from great teachers who inspire them to follow suit.

He has learnt the importance of communication from his father whom is an entrepreneur. His mother and sister being school teachers; have also influenced his life on the noble mission of teaching. With his qualifications and experience, Lukas emerged as the Champion in NTU-NIE Speech Contest in 2006, facing many accomplished speakers as competitors. That event sparked his budding idea of teaching Public Speaking Skills to both children and adults.

Since 2003, Lukas has trained many children and adults in Public Speaking, Leadership, Emotional Mastery, and Personal Mastery skills. He is also the master trainer of ‘Emotional Power’ workshop in Temasek JC, motivating students to achieve higher and better results in school.

Having designed the perfect curriculum to pass down his knowledge, he has conducted workshops for both Corporations; Prudential, Manulife, AIA and Great Eastern, and Schools; Saint Patricks Secondary school and Pei Hwa Secondary school. His first Entrepreneur Workshop for Children in 2013 drew a full class attendance and received many follow up enquires after thanks to his charismatic, loving and patient personality.
holiday camp singapore

Kelvin Tan Ching Yi

Kelvin Tan is the Co-Founder and Training Director of Speech Academy Asia. He has consecutively won multiple 1st place awards for Story Telling competitions and was also a professional singer and actor.

The combination of his stage performance and communication skills catapulted his climb up the corporate ladder. He achieved top sales lead as a professional exhibition organizer and was later headhunted by many Multinational Corporations, Singapore public listed companies and major rival competitors. The company he worked for used his sales results as a benchmark to set the standard commission rates for their sales staff. He is currently appointed as a consultant to Singapore Press Holdings (SPH) while concurrently running Speech Academy Asia.

Kelvin strongly believes that self-development and training in soft skills such as Public Speaking, leadership and charisma, can actually be honed one step at a time. With this belief in mind, he aspires to teach everyone that has the desire and will to learn these skill sets.

He has trained countless of leaders in corporate communications in and across Asia such as Malaysia, India, Vietnam, China and also Indonesia.
holiday camp singapore

Gerry Pereira

Gerry Pereira is Speech Academy Asia’s Senior Corporate Trainer. He has been in the Advertising and Marketing business for over 38 years, being the former Chairman of J Walter Advertising Southeast Asia and CEO of Asia Pacific for Carlson Marketing worldwide. Gerry’s experience with diverse cultures and professionals from CEOs to Mid level Executives has been extensive and has sharpened his knowledge on the demands of the marketplace. Hundreds of ambitious senior and mid level executives seeking to be persuasive and powerful presenters and speakers flock to Gerry for advice.

With his 43 years of experience as a practicing Journalist and also as an Advertising Relationship Marketing Professional in leading MNCs, his ultimate goal is to help others fully develop a winning style and to understand that communications and speaking is about Persuasion.

He has conducted numerous workshops and courses across Asia Pacific on Presentation Skills, Team Building Motivation Workshops and Power Speaking Courses.

With his enthralling and captivating lessons, Gerry aims to inspire his students with his sincerity, by revealing to them a plethora of techniques and by moving them to take real actions to transform their lives.
holiday camp singapore

Mira Rahman

Mira Rahman is a professional DJ with 89.7FM, and has trained hundreds of non-native speakers since 2010 as she is highly bilingual. She often hosts and emcees various traditional events, opening ceremonies, product launches and also weddings. She is a part-time lecturer at ITE College Central; conducting her pilot-self designed module on Radio Communications. Aside from that, she is also an English Linguistic trainer with Tropics Language School; a school which specialises in conversational and Business English. She participates actively in Singapore’s education syllabus and is also an Ad-hoc English teacher for lower and upper primary schoolers with Adam Khoo Learning Centre.

She is active in writing short stories and has published various articles in Berita Harian. Mira is skilled in theatrical arts and has contributed socially through her role in the local Malay theatre; Projek 3.

She feels that each child is a unique individual who needs a secure and caring learning environment to grow intellectually, physically and socially. She volunteered both her skills and her beliefs to train young girls who are at risk by conducting talks and workshops for them. As a trainer, she acts as a guide to students; inspiring them to unleash their curiosity in learning by creating a safe environment which allows them to express themselves freely in any way.

holiday camp singapore

Joan Tan

Joan Tan is a young and articulate individual with proven strengths in public speaking; has the ability to express herself with great pride and confidence.

Her interest in public speaking began at a very young age when she involved herself in many debate competitions such as the Julia Gabriel’s and the International Humanitarian Law (IHL) debate organized annually by NUS. With these experiences under her belt, Joan had been headhunted by many Junior Colleges to coach their students. She has since been coaching the students of Victoria Junior College. Under her leadership; they attained 1st place in the 2015 Raffles’ speech competition “Ad-Liberation”; a national competition where more than 17 Junior colleges participated. Additionally, Joan also held important leadership positions in her school’s Oratorical Society where they organized competitions attended by many other educational institutions during her school term.

She believes that every child deserves a chance to develop through a holistic education program. “Academic greatness is a fundamental we must all strive to achieve. However, it is our ability to speak well and be heard that is key to our success” says Ms Joan.

Although she adopts a fun-loving personality and myriad methods to draw students’ attention, she knows exactly when to address the critical elements on how each student can easily master their presentation skills. All students under her have since blossomed into beautiful and confident “little adults” through her gentle caring hands.
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Sito Li Bin

Sito Li Bin envisioned being a public speaker during his student years at Republic Polytechnic when he discovered a new found passion for public speaking. His credentials include: Vice President of Republic Polytechnic Youth Entrepreneurship interest group and emcee for ICHEF 2014 and TOUCH community Christmas party events in which he had to motivate more than 200 students. Having taken stage before more than 3000 people in total; Li Bin excels in his skill to speak and motivate his members in any situation.

He believes that helping others is the primary purpose of his very existence and dedicates his all to this noble profession. Li Bin is always searching for opportunities to coach or mentor people; hoping that they can benefit and learn from his teachings. Apart from that, he is always open to learning from his students as well. Continually in search of ways to improve himself while coaching in the hopes that he could also pass all of these skills down to our future generations.

With this two way approach, fun personality and also engaging classes, Li Bin connects with not only his students but with everyone effortlessly. He delivers interesting content to his audience and never fails to bring the best out of every student and child he has mentored.
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Amirali Bin Abdul Kalik

Amirali Bin Abdul Kalik has been a MOE school teacher for more than 5 years. He possesses a wealth of experience in managing children with special needs.

He has also worked in MyGym as a children’s trainer, coaching young children from kindergarten to primary school level, and also as a customer service officer before becoming a registered teacher. This experience helped him perfect his people skills.

Armed with a huge passion for teaching, Amirali believes that he should always provide the best that he can for his students as a role model; feeling that each child has the potential to excel by passing down his communication and interaction skills to all of them.

He is exceptional in that his energy is at “120%” whenever he delivers a lesson to the class. He exposes the best in each and every student that he has taken under his wing, assisting them in discovering who they are and who they are capable of becoming. He labours to develop a relationship with each student on a personal level and to understand their needs and fears. His patient and caring personality leaves his students feeling secure and disposed to acquiring new knowledge.

holiday camp singapore

Asvini Durka

Asvini Durka has been a trainer for various school camps; inspiring students to become leaders and role models to their peers. A certified Yoga coach; she has mastered body language, confidence building skills and breathing techniques through her practice.

She believes that all children need and deserve to enjoy the process of learning. Always armed with a bright smile and years of experience; her high level of energy and battery of games engages every single student in her class with fun and laughter.

However, it does not mean that she is not serious in her desire to bring out the best in her students abilities. Instead, she strives to gather feedback and is open to advice on how to improve her lessons. Asvini never fails to ensure that every lesson is better than the last.

Her approach is simply to build confidence and self- esteem by allowing each child to see the ‘Leader’ in themselves. This realization unleashes their potential to identify their self-worth and work towards developing their future successful self.

Working in tandem, her two-pronged approach of using fun activities alongside the journey to self-discovery, has propelled each student to set higher goals for themselves and earned her their complete dedication and respect.
holiday camp singapore

Yuvaraj Uthaman

Yuvaraj Uthaman has organized many events such as Suzuki Cup, Asian Television Forum and SGX gala dinner as an events manager. Yuvaraj is also a fitness trainer at Virtus Fitness consultancy; empowering people’s confidence in themselves. He is also an active trainer (under Speech Academy Asia) for UN women’s “Project Inspire”, an initiative by United Nations.

With years of experience in building confidence in people, Yuvaraj has always believed that when children are trained to speak with confidence, it will allow them to excel and shine in all other areas as they grow.

He is also a highly sought after freelance emcee for weddings and school events because of his wit and humour. His dream now is to pass down his knowledge and skills to the children.

A patient and caring trainer who is always eager to share, Yuvaraj is well-loved and respected by the children who see him as a gentle giant.

holiday camp singapore

Andrew Ang

Andrew Ang has been a camp facilitator for MOE’s outdoor programs, team-building facilitator for Nanyang Polytechnic and also assisted at Zorb’s corporate team building events.

Having been involved as a facilitator, Andrew noticed that there were many students who lacked confidence. His desire to nurture and help children build their confidence and also pass down his knowledge and skills of speaking in front of a large crowd caused him to venture on this journey of educating our young talents in the fine art of public speaking.

Believing that every child has the potential to become someone unique and special, Andrew aims to provide a fun and safe learning environment to encourage children to develop their own confidence and creativity.

Having been able to engage large crowds during his days as facilitator, Andrew captures his student’s attention easily as he engages them in classroom activities. He is adored by all of his students.


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