Course Syllabus

  • Learn to speak with humor, confidence and charisma, and command respect from audience
  • Experiential learning to empower strong confidence in public speaking
  • Detailed coverage on the effects of body language, voice and words
  • Practical day-to-day examples shown to model the best speaking techniques
  • Training focuses on career, entrepreneurial and social skills speech
  • Courses designed for Professional Individuals
  • Full day interactive & exciting workshop

Achievements on attending the workshop

  • Learn to harness the power of emotions into your words
  • Develop trust from others when you speak
  • Find out how to impress people through our speech
  • Receive coaching feedback for your speaking habits
  • Learn 9 confidence Boosting Neuro-Linguistic Techniques
  • Understand loopholes in human psychology & how you can exploit these loopholes
  • Develop the 9 essential basics of public speaking
  • Beautify your body gestures, posture and voice tonality
  • Master the 10 crucial steps to communicating effectively with anyone
  • Learn 6 graceful ways to sell yourself or ideas without people noticing
  • Be highly effective in meetings using 20 easy proven steps
  • Life challenging activities that empowers beliefs and mindsets
  • Speeches of excellence Level 1 Certification

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