Class Date

Date : 13, 14 July 2017
Duration : 07:00 PM - 09:30 PM




10 slots Remaining

Programme Highlights

1. Confidence through Personal Branding

Personal Branding is critical to success in our personal and professional lives. What you stand for, your values and your believes all add up to how you see yourself and how other people see you. To know and understand your strengths will build your confidence.
Participants learn to identify their own Personal Brand and the importance of being consistent in their execution; be it on Social media or in person.
Assets, Strengths, Skills and Passions. Who are you? Understanding and accepting who you are is the start to Personal Branding. Executing consistently across all platforms is the key.
First Impressions. It goes beyond grooming to posture, tone and values. How you stand out from the crowd in a positive way and what you need to deploy for consistency over the longer term.

2. Persuasive Presentations to reach out and touch your audience.

Communicating and presenting are relatively simple tasks of moving information and instructions from point A to point B. However, Presenting and Communicating persuasively are practiced skills. Persuasion is the key in making sure that people who hear you are highly motivated to perform and execute the outcomes, which you set out to communicate.
7:38: 55. The lab tested and live tested Communications Model developed by Prof Mehrabian (UCLA) identifies key values associated with Persuasive Communications –7% dependent on Words. 38% on Tone and 55% on Physical Expressions (mostly Face and Eyes). Participants learn how to use the Model to communicate persuasively no matter what the intent– to sell yourself or a product or an idea.
7 steps to Presentation writing: Learn and Practice how to write a compelling presentation and deliver it persuasively using the 7 steps to Presentation Writing.

Duration: 7 hours

Course Fee: $200

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SGD 20.00 / Person
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